Overcome urinary incontinence in dogs and cats


If your house-trained dog is suddenly having accidents, your pet may have urinary incontinence. Leaks No More from HomeoPet is a safe and side-effect free natural product designed to address this common condition.

It’s common for many pets

Urinary incontinence is a common disorder in spayed females and older dogs.

Visit your Vet to distinguish urinary incontinence from inappropriate urination, which is a behavioural problem. Your Vet can also rule out medical conditions, such as a bladder infection or kidney stones.

Other causes of incontinence

Arthritis or a back injury affecting nerves to the bladder can also cause incontinence. In that case, HomeoPet Joint Plus formula may also help, and can be used together with Leaks No More.

What are the signs?

Here are some signs that your pet may have urinary incontinence:

  • Wet spots where the dog was sleeping or lying down
  • Stale urine odours from your pet’s hindquarters and the area might be wet
  • Your pet licks at the genital area and the skin may be irritated
  • Your pet is constantly dribbling urine while awake and walking around. You might also notice a small squirt of urine when your pet rises from sitting or any other effort that causes the abdomen to tense such as barking, or jumping up.
  • Frequent puddles or urine stains on the carpet
  • Leaking from your pet when it’s hot and your pet drinks large quantities of water, putting pressure on the bladder (this can be helped by putting out cold water or ice cubes in the water to reduce the intake).

Any dog or cat can get it

Typically, urinary incontinence occurs in medium to large breed, female dogs that have been spayed. But it can occur in any dog or cat, male or female. After spaying or neutering, or as the pet gets older, hormone production decreases and the sphincter muscles that control the bladder weaken. When the animal relaxes, urine leaks out.

Traditional pharmaceuticals can have negative side effects. Some of these include bone marrow depletion, aggression, strokes or cerebral haemorrhages.

HomeoPet Leaks No More is a natural liquid formula that safely and effectively helps with urinary incontinence without unwanted side effects.

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