Help stop allergies affecting skin and coat

Your pet’s skin and coat can be affected by any number of environmental, foods and flea bites. Just like people, our pets can suffer seasonal allergies, flea bite allergies and sensitivity to certain foods.

If your pet is constantly scratching, biting, chewing, or excessively licking to the point of hair loss, he may be suffering from allergies. This is one of the most common health concerns for pets.

What causes allergies?

Allergic reactions occur when the immune system overreacts or responds inappropriately to a normally harmless substance. Skin allergies are typically difficult to diagnose, but a case history of your pet’s problem can help determine what may be causing the irritation. If your pet is suffering from allergic dermatitis, there will usually be redness on the face, underbelly, and/or paws.

It’s important to treat these symptoms promptly – prolonged scratching and biting can lead to raw, open wounds that are susceptible to infection. Furthermore, once your pet is into the scratch/itch cycle, it is difficult to control.

Allergy treatments

Steroids suppress the immune system and can lessen the severity of the allergy. But  they can also affect the animal’s organs and create behavioural changes, such as increased aggression. Antihistamines can make pets drowsy.

HomeoPet Skin & Coat is a Veterinarian-formulated product that comes in liquid drops. It can provide relief from allergies and airborne pollutants that cause skin irritation without the unwanted side effects of conventional medicines.

Start using HomeoPet Skin & Coat when the itching and scratching starts, and stop when the symptoms disappear. There’s no need to continually dose unless the problem is present.

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