5 Tips to help Dogs with Joint Pain

Joint pain and stiffness is one of the most common ailments in dogs, and can lead to arthritis. While it is often associated with older, large-breed dogs, it can also affect younger dogs and cats.

Causes of Joint Pain and Arthritis

Old injuries – continually aggravated by the pet not avoiding repetitive strain – can lead to arthritis. Hereditary conditions such as hip problems can also end up as arthritis.

Tips to ease your pet’s joint pain

  • A healthy diet for weight management. Joint pain is more of a problem in obese pets. Excess weight can put stress on joints and reduce mobility.
  • A little exercise—strenuous exercise can cause damage to their joints, but light exercise can strengthen muscles and ligaments.
  • A soft but supportive bed to lie on can help make your pet more comfortable.
  • Ensure your pet is in a warm environment by placing the bed away from drafts as cold, damp weather can cause flare ups.
  • Use HomeoPet Joint Plus, a Veterinarian-formulated, homeopathic product.

Pets can have adverse reactions to conventional medication. Pets with kidney complaints have difficulty tolerating arthritis medications, and some pets can also show signs of gastrointestinal irritation from certain medications.

Joint Plus from HomeoPet can be used alongside conventional medication to reduce the dosage to levels where it is side effect free. It may replace conventional medicine altogether (always do medication changes under the supervision of your Vet).

In a survey of dog owners using HomeoPet’s Joint Plus, there was a positive response in 90 out of 115 (78%) dogs treated for joint problems.

If you suspect your pet has joint problems, see your Vet to eliminate any underlying conditions.

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