Interview with a Vet – Arthritis case study

Peppy the silky terrier first consulted Dr Andrew Ottley about her arthritis, in 2012 when she was nine. Dr Andrew started the little dog on HomeoPet JOINT PLUS formula to see if it would improve her failing mobility and ageing joints.

“Peppy’s still going strong four years later!” says Dr Andrew today, and she still benefits from taking HomeoPet JOINT PLUS to help manage her condition.

Joint Plus for Arthritis.

Peppy the dog. Uses Joint Plus for arthritis.

Here is Peppy’s arthritis story:

In 2012, Peppy saw Dr Andrew at Ulladulla Vets on the NSW South Coast, about her mobility. The nine-year-old silky terrier was showing stiffness in her hind legs and pain in her hips. She was finding it harder to get up after a nap, to jump into the car and especially to negotiate stairs.

“Peppy was always a very active dog, going to the beach every day, but she had become lethargic and less excited about going out. She was really struggling to get in the car and up the stairs,” Dr Andrew explained.

He conducted a thorough physical examination, using extension and flexion tests on all of Peppy’s joints.

Dr Andrew’s diagnosis

“When we pull the leg back extending the hip fully, the leg should usually go up almost level with the back, but Peppy could only go up to the 45 degree mark,” Dr Andrew said. “She was uncomfortable and turning around to look at me, which is an indicator of pain. She was suffering in both hips, more on the right. Her stifle joints – the equivalent of our knees – were thickened compared to dogs without arthritis.”

Dr Andrew started Peppy on HomeoPet’s JOINT PLUS formula.

Peppy’s grateful owner administered the liquid drops three times a day as instructed.

Fast results for Peppy

Impressively, the senior pet started regaining some of her previous energy within the very first day. Within five days of taking the liquid drops, Peppy’s lameness had all but vanished and her pain seemed greatly relieved.

Dr Andrew was impressed at the speed and quality of improvement that little Peppy displayed after taking the drops.

“Peppy was walking quicker, getting up the stairs, and from lying down at rest she was springing up to her feet a lot quicker,” he said.

Now at the respectable age of 13, Peppy still benefits from HomeoPet JOINT PLUS.

Dr Andrew says that HomeoPet JOINT PLUS is an effective long-term assistance for Peppy to help manage her arthritis, with the great benefits of being safe to use with no side effects.

“Peppy’s overall quality of life improved, she was more comfortable, more relaxed and settled after taking HomeoPet’s drops,” says Dr Andrew. “The drops are definitely effective, and even easier to administer than tablets.”

Dr Andrew says he recommends JOINT PLUS formulation for many cats and dogs showing signs such as reduced mobility and joint pain, discomfort, difficulty getting up after resting or negotiating stairs. Other signs include muscle tremors and even panting that indicate pain and discomfort.

Arthritis or injury?

He says signs such as not putting weight down or becoming significantly lame in one leg may indicate an injury, rather than arthritis.

“In Peppy’s case, she’s doing very well several years later, at age 13. She still takes HomeoPet JOINT PLUS, which has provided reliable long-term assistance for her.”

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