Arthritis case study: Dr Andrew helps Butch’s elbow

Butch the bull terrier broke his front right leg when hit by a car, age two. Eight years on Butch developed arthritis, and was not able to put his full weight on that leg. He consulted Dr Andrew Ottley at Ulladulla Vets on the NSW South Coast.

Dr Andrew Ottley diagnoses arthritis

Dr Andrew recommends JOINT PLUS for cats and dogs with arthritis

Dr Andrew started Butch on HomeoPet’s JOINT PLUS formulation, designed with a broad spectrum formulation to address the range of underlying causes of arthritis.

On next examination, Dr Andrew says Butch’s lameness had all but disappeared.

Old elbow injury becomes arthritis for Butch

At just two years old, a car accident broke Butch’s right front elbow. While he recovered well at the time, as he aged the joint thickened and almost fused. Butch stopped putting all his weight on the leg, a sure sign of pain.

Dr Andrew describes what he found when he examined Butch: “The right front elbow had become very thick and stiff, and he wasn’t putting full weight down non the leg. The arthritis in the joint had developed slowly over many years – the original accident was eight years before – but it had got so bad that he couldn’t compensate any more and was now quite lame on that front leg.

“The elbow was quite swollen compared to the left. It’s not common for that particular joint to be much worse in one leg and not the other, it’s usually due to injury, and we knew the history of Butch’s car accident.”

Butch finds fast relief

After just a few days on JOINT PLUS, Butch’s owner reported that he definitely had less pain, and was much freer in walking and general movement.

Dr Andrew examined Butch again a few weeks later.

“There was definitely a greater range of movement in Butch’s elbow than before, we could extend the joint considerably more before we started to get a pain response from him,” he said.

“There was less lameness, you couldn’t pick much of a limp when looking at him straight on.”

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