Molly regains good digestion, thanks Dr Andrew

Interview with a vet: Molly the young Labrador assistance dog suffered from undiagnosed digestion issues. Her owner was distressed at Molly’s pain and symptoms.

After she met Dr Andrew, her life turned around after a course of HomeoPet Digestive Plus.

Digestion issues like vomiting, diahhroea, flatulence, cramps

Pets can suffer from undiagnosed issues with digestion similar to humans

Undiagnosed digestion disorder

Molly’s owner brought in the 3-year-old Labrador to see Dr Andrew Ottley at the Ulladulla Vets on the NSW South Coast.

Molly is a treasured assistance dog who suffered severe pain with stomach cramps, vomiting with mucus and blood, and diahhroea.

Previously she saw other vets who gave her antibiotics and strong opiate painkillers, which didn’t seem to work. Changes in diet didn’t offer relief, either. Molly’s owner was distressed that her beloved Lab was continuing to suffer.

The prognosis was not good for Molly.

After taking her history, Dr Andrew decided to try HomeoPet’s Digestive Plus on the Lab, and monitor her closely over the next couple of days.

Similar to human digestive issues

Dr Andrew says: “Molly had classic symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. She’d often have a rumbly belly, stomach cramping, flatulence, sometimes diarrhoea. One day she’d seem OK then she’d be back to square one again. It’s a similar condition to the one in people, you can be sick for a couple of days a week.”

It can be hard to diagnose, without a really good history. So Dr Andrew asks owners of pets with digestive issues to keep a diary and write down exactly what’s happening.

“It’s often a diagnosis by elimination,” he says, “we have to exclude other things.”

Molly’s grateful owner adhered to the dosage of 3 times per day until the Lab’s was not showing any more signs of digestive distress. When the condition flared up again, she recommenced the dosage until Molly’s system normalised again.

No more cramps, no more vomiting

He says: “Her results were amazing and immediate. In the first day the cramping stopped, there was no more vomiting, no more pain. For the first time in a long time, Molly was comfortable again.”

Since participating in the 2012 vet clinic case studies, Dr Andrew has recommended HomeoPet Digestive Plus liquid drops for pets who present with digestive issues.

“Flatulence, vomiting and diahhroea are some of the symptoms that can be helped with HomeoPet Digestive Plus so we always keep it on-hand for these common conditions.”

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