Tips to Improve Travel Anxiety in Pets Naturally

We love advice on Travel Anxiety and pet travel sickness from Dr Tom Farrington MVB MRCVS VetMFHom. Dr Tom is both a conventional Vet and highly qualified in Vet natural therapies. He has practiced both in tandem for over three decades. He is also the formulator of HomeoPet’s range of liquid drops.

Dr Tom has helped thousands of dogs, cats, horses and humans to overcome physical and psychological travel issues.

How well does your pet travel?

Natural Help for pet travel sickness

Dr Tom offers excellent tips to help dogs and cats travel better. His advice includes where to place them in the car, feeding before travel, and herbal remedies.

Did you know that dogs and cats are more likely to feel nauseous during travel on an empty stomach? Dr Tom says feed them a small meal before travel as it actually reduces their sick feelings.

Clever Formulation for Dogs and Cats

The HomeoPet Travel Anxiety formula is cleverly designed by Dr Tom to address many underlying causes of travel anxiety and motion sickness. He explains m0re about the formula, along with other natural tips to help your dog or cat.

He explains: “The Travel Remedy was a complex remedy based around some of the common Travel sickness remedies Borax Cocculus Petroleum Tabacum with some remedies to reduce anxiety Avena Sativa, Passiflora, Scutellaria , Valeriana. The advantages are speed of response, safety, efficacy with out side effects, ease of administration, and no drug interactions to worry about.”

Simple Things to Improve Travel Anxiety

Here’s a great set of tips direct from Dr Tom:


  • Put your pet on the floor of the car – particularly in the front footwell. This stops visual motion sickness as the pet can’t see out. This position is closest to the lowest point in the car which moves least.
  • Train travel sick prone pets with extremely short journeys followed by a reward.
  • Gradually build up to longer journeys
  • Use a little ginger in food (herbal)
  • Stop pet from looking out the windows
  • Give a little food before traveling (also less cleaning!)
  • Like humans there is an acupressure point behind and above the carpus (the pet equivalent of the wrist) which can help reduce travel nausea and anxiety
  • Conventional medications


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