Advice for senior pets as the weather cools

Here at HomeoPet we have a few special oldies among our pets. We aim to help our senior pets be as comfortable and as healthy as possible. There are simple and obvious changes to make, like reviewing their diet to accommodate a slower pace and keeping them warm. HomeoPet formulator and Vet, Dr Tom Farrington also suggests breaking up exercise into smaller chunks to allow for recovery, and keeping them well hydrated.

More Advice

We found some interesting stories at Animal Wellness that capture some important details about our senior pets as they age.

This story is about identifying the signs of ageing. Note, it’s not only their chronological age that determines their ‘senior’ status.

When is a dog a senior?

This is a super article that gives seven tips to helping your pet age gracefully and comfortably. It’s very thorough and I learned a few new things myself.

Helping Your Senior Pet Age Comfortably


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