Is Your Dog Getting Enough Sleep?

We love this article from Dr Becker that says why our dogs spend about half their time asleep – way more than the recommended eight hours for us pup-parents. She also explains the difference between dog sleep and human sleep!

Who needs more, who needs less

At the moment I have a very elderly little shih-tzu who spends more of her time asleep – except in the middle of the night! I wonder if she can’t tell the difference between daytime and night time anymore.

Besides the elderly and puppies, Dr Becker says there are certain breeds who need more sleep. And some – like working dogs, who need less.

It’s good to know what’s ‘normal’ for your dog so that you notice any changes.

Puppies need a lot of sleep

Puppies are like human babies and need a lot of sleep

Ding Dong!

I’m always amazed at how quickly my dogs can wake up when the door bell rings, then go right back to sleep when they’ve checked out who’s there.

Read more about your dog’s sleep behaviour here, and watch them snooze – snore, growl, twitch and dream-run –  in a new light.


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