Tips to Improve Travel Anxiety in Pets Naturally

We love advice on Travel Anxiety and pet travel sickness from Dr Tom Farrington MVB MRCVS VetMFHom. Dr Tom is both a conventional Vet and highly qualified in Vet natural therapies. He has practiced both in tandem for over three decades. He is also the formulator of HomeoPet’s range of liquid drops. Dr Tom has helped thousands of dogs, cats, […]

Molly regains good digestion, thanks Dr Andrew

Interview with a vet: Molly the young Labrador assistance dog suffered from undiagnosed digestion issues. Her owner was distressed at Molly’s pain and symptoms. After she met Dr Andrew, her life turned around after a course of HomeoPet Digestive Plus. Undiagnosed digestion disorder Molly’s owner brought in the 3-year-old Labrador to see Dr Andrew Ottley at the Ulladulla Vets on […]

10 Signs of Anxiety in your pet and how to help

Pets suffer from anxiety, but unlike their human companions, they cannot verbalise what is causing their discomfort. Instead, they communicate their distress through signs of nervousness and fear by their behaviour. When a pet is labelled as having a behaviour problem, it may be the animal is reacting to something he does not understand or perceives […]

Help stop allergies affecting skin and coat

Your pet’s skin and coat can be affected by any number of environmental, foods and flea bites. Just like people, our pets can suffer seasonal allergies, flea bite allergies and sensitivity to certain foods. If your pet is constantly scratching, biting, chewing, or excessively licking to the point of hair loss, he may be suffering […]

Overcome urinary incontinence in dogs and cats

  If your house-trained dog is suddenly having accidents, your pet may have urinary incontinence. Leaks No More from HomeoPet is a safe and side-effect free natural product designed to address this common condition. It’s common for many pets Urinary incontinence is a common disorder in spayed females and older dogs. Visit your Vet to distinguish urinary […]