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Ageing and injury are some of the contributors to impaired mobility, joint pain and lameness in our pets. Our Joint Plus formula works within days on the symptoms and the underlying causes of joint stiffness to improve mobility and ultimately, quality of life. Recommended by Vets, the formula has no side effects and can be safely administered alongside conventional medicines.

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Life Changing Stories

Strained anterior Cruciate ligament improved 100%
"Our cat had some pain and swelling so we took her to the vet.  She was diagnosed with a strained anterior cruciate ligament.  She was usually very active so when she was a bit lame in the hind leg we knew she had done some damage.  I am delighted, she improved back to 100% rapidly and the vet said there was no pain or lameness after 4 days when we took her back for a check up".
Mrs Lyndall S, owner of the Cat - Lake Tabourie
Owners thrilled with Skin and Coat for allergic skin
“Madge a British Bulldog has severe skin allergies.  We recently used Skin and Coat and her owner is thrilled. And Madge stopped itching and scratching within days.  The customer is pleased to not be using heavy drugs to manage it long term”
Dr Bradley, Madge's Vet - Enoggera

HomeoPet Joint Plus is a natural plant based product designed to increase mobility and enhance the joint health of our pets.

It’s not just our ageing pets who need a helping hand when it comes to pain or stiffness. Sometimes our younger pets can benefit from a formula such as JOINT PLUS from HomeoPet. Younger pets can experience over-exertion and muscle tension for many reasons, including having suffered an injury.

For the older fur friends in our lives, some of the slowing down may include stiffness in the joints caused by inflammation, arthritis, or other degenerative conditions.

HomeoPet JOINT PLUS may help your dog or cat by relieving inflammation, and improving mobility. Its all-natural ingredients mean there are no nasty side-effects and the liquid drops can be used alongside pharmaceuticals and other treatments.

(Source:  as published in the HPUS)


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