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One of our best-selling products worldwide, Leaks No More is helping pets and their parents to reduce the impact of urinary incontinence on their wellbeing and their home. Neutered pets, older pets and those who have given birth may be prone to dampness at their rear end or in their bedding, dribbling or just not making it to the litter box or garden on time. Use to help tighten the urinary sphincter reduce the irritation from urine on the skin, and reduce odours and constant cleaning.

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Life Changing Stories

We are so pleased with her new treatment
"Our dog Shelly suffers from an anxiety condition called lick granuloma. We took her to the vet who advised tranquilisers and cortisone. We decided to use Anxiety drops together with Skin and Coat for her irritated skin.  After 7 days there was a vast improvement in her behaviour and sore. We are so pleased with her new treatment."
Dale, ownder of Shelly - Mt Druitt
I use Digestive Plus before any other products in my clinic
“As a Vet I see many patients with gastrointestinal disorders.  I tried Digestive Plus as a last resort on a dog with chronic irritable bowel issues when nothing else worked and had results within days.  This product works time and time again on a variety of digestive issues.  Now it is my go to product in clinic first before anything else”.
Dr BJ Uday

HomeoPet Leaks No More has been formulated by veterinarians specifically for cat and dog urinary incontinence. Incontinence may result from fear or excitement, frequent urination or, in older pets, after neutering or spaying, or females that have had litters.

Unlike other pet incontinence solutions, HomeoPet Leaks No More does not contain Phenylpropanolamine (PPA). In fact, quite the opposite, it contains 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. It is easily administered in a liquid form.

(Source:  as published in the HPUS)



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