Digestive Plus

It is not uncommon for dogs and cats to suffer from digestive upsets.  However, few products work quickly to help the underlying issues and the subsequent symptoms as well as HomeoPet Digestive Plus.

You may notice your pet retching, experiencing a loss of appetite, regurgitate food or they may throw up 20 minutes after eating.  Other common issues may include types of irritable bowel problems or diarrhea, vomiting and considerations.

HomeoPet Digestive Plus is a clinically proven, fast active and rapid solution that is easily administered in liquid drops.  It has been specifically formulated for both dog digestive problems and cat digestive problems and is an appetite stimulant and digestive strengthener and works to relieve irritable bowel syndrome.  It can be combined with other nutrients, supplements and specialist foods if used, or it is often the preferred solution as a stand alone product.

Digestive Plus works to normalise the digestive system.  Therefore, you only need to use it as needed.  It not necessary to continue using the product if your pet is not displaying any symptoms.

As digestive issues in pets can be very serious and may be the result of life-threatening problems your pet should be diagnosed correctly by a veterinarian before commencing use of Digestive Plus.

(Source:  as published in the HPUS)