Anxiety Testimonials

My cat was very skittish and anxious

"Our cat Lady Di  is very skittish and unpredictable, she cannot seem to settle.  We adopted another cat and she got worse with being aggressive and started biting and hissing.  Our Vet recommended Anxiety. Within about 5 days she was much more calm and we now add it daily to her food to keep her on a more even keel.  Thanks a bunch."

Judy and John Postle, owners of Lady Di - Eastwood
This Anxiety is liquid gold

"A trainer recommended Anxiety for our puppy who was generally very anxious and scared of everything.  We used it for several months to help him and we built his confidence.  The drops are wonderful and there was a noticeable difference within days."

Louella Wood, owner of Jackson - Narrenburn
We are so pleased with her new treatment

"Our dog Shelly suffers from an anxiety condition called lick granuloma. We took her to the vet who advised tranquilisers and cortisone. We decided to use Anxiety drops together with Skin and Coat for her irritated skin.  After 7 days there was a vast improvement in her behaviour and sore. We are so pleased with her new treatment."

Dale, ownder of Shelly - Mt Druitt
Crazy cat chills out with Anxiety

“We use Anxiety as our cat is crazy.  She has always been highly strung, can be a bit aggressive and can be a handful at times with our other cat.  We do love her and found that a small amount of Anxiety a day keeps her more chilled out.  Good product thank you.”  

Jason, owner of Missy Wong - Newcastle
My Rescue Dog uses Anxiety Drops

“I got a rescue dog and she was hyper vigilant and restless. We used the Anxiety drops and she settled down in a few days and it was noticeable that it helped her. Love this stuff!.”  

Carol, owner of Sadie - Ulladulla
My dog loves Anxiety

”What an amazing product, we saw a difference within about 10 minutes of using it.   We are so glad we found it as nothing else worked for our anxious dog”.

Sally, owner of Rukus - Footscray

Digestive Plus Testimonials

Lockie’s stomach problems improved in 1 day

"Lockie had stomach issues similar to irritable bowel in humans.  Vomiting, not very nice deposits if you know what I mean.  Painful tummy to touch and often listless.  He had very bad breath even after a dental.  I tried herbs but he had a reaction to some of the herbs and did not like to take them.  I found Digestive Plus extremely easy to use and he could not tell they were in his food.  There was an immediate improvement from day 1.  I used it for 7 days and the symptoms got better.  I will continue to use this product as needed".

Geneve Grasson, owner of Lockie - Fairlight
Cooper is a very smelly dog who has terrible flatulence

"My Cocker Spaniel Cooper started having frequent and very smelly flatulence and it was so bad I even considered getting him a kennel to sleep in outside. I started him on Digestive Plus from HomeoPet and after two days, his flatulence was all but gone. I kept using the drops for another few days until it was totally gone. Cooper is back on my bed again and we both get a good night’s sleep.  Every now and again I need to use it to settle his stomach back down."    

Scott, owner of Cooper - Tweed Heads
Digestive Plus, I am grateful

I had a littler of pups who had such severe diarrhea that they were failing.  Over seven days they were so sick I was in despair for them.  I tried everything. HomeoPet told me to start dosing every 15 minutes with Digestive Plus for one hour.  Then every four hours for acute problems.  By that evening the diarrhea had stopped.  They started to rally and by next morning were right as rain, stable and eating.  What can I say.  I am grateful.

Julia, owner of the puppies, and retail pet sales rep - Perth
I use Digestive Plus before any other products in my clinic

“As a Vet I see many patients with gastrointestinal disorders.  I tried Digestive Plus as a last resort on a dog with chronic irritable bowel issues when nothing else worked and had results within days.  This product works time and time again on a variety of digestive issues.  Now it is my go to product in clinic first before anything else”.

Dr BJ Uday
Rapid resolution of digestive system in a few hours

“An impounded dog had diarrhea and depression when we took him into care and he was in a bad way in our shelter.  Tiger, as we named him, had a rapid in clinic resolution of the digestive system in a few hours and his demeanor greatly improved within a few days.  We used Digestive and Anxiety together.”

Dr Cole, Sydney Dogs and Cats Home
Chilli has no more digestive issues

"Chilli my Maltese had chronic constipation and diarrhea over many, many years which was very distressing. I use a few drops of Digestive Upsets each morning and he has not had a problem ever since. He loves it!"

Rosalie, owner of Chilli - St Georges Basin

Joint Plus Testimonials

Arthritis relief for our cat, we would recommend this product to anyone

"Miss Puss began to have difficulty on rising, trying to get up in the morning, general stiffness and lameness.  She was not very happy and was diagnosed with arthritis.  We started her on Joint Plus on a recommendation from a friend.  It was such a relief to find such a speedy solution to the problems, all three problems became less and we would recommend this product to anyone."

Jacqueline, owner of Miss Puss - Lutwych
Strained anterior Cruciate ligament improved 100%

"Our cat had some pain and swelling so we took her to the vet.  She was diagnosed with a strained anterior cruciate ligament.  She was usually very active so when she was a bit lame in the hind leg we knew she had done some damage.  I am delighted, she improved back to 100% rapidly and the vet said there was no pain or lameness after 4 days when we took her back for a check up".

Mrs Lyndall S, owner of the Cat - Lake Tabourie
Zipper the cat is happier and in less pain from arthritis

"Zipper was suffering from pain in her joints, lameness and arthritis.  We put it down to old age but when it increased and she seemed in pain we consulted with a Vet. The vet immediately offered us Joint Plus due to her age and not wanting any side effects that could harm her.  No other products were offered.   We finished the bottle and she seems fine.  We are happy, Zipper is happy.  Will be getting another bottle."

Peter H, owner of Zipper - Windsor
Little Bear is happier and finds it easier with his joints

"Our red healer x mastif was having trouble rising up, getting into the car or onto the couch.  He is 6 years old. After 4 days of treatment by the vet he appeared to have no trouble getting up or walking.  He is happier too.  We give him a maintenance dose every day now of Joint Plus".

Rob S, owner of Little Bear - Narrawallee
My cat had stiff and sore joints and she is so much better

"Misty my cat is 17 and has sore and stiff joints. She has been taking Joint Relief for a year now and is jumping around like a spring chicken without pain or stiffness."

Mandy, owner of Misty - Gold Coast
Joint relief with no side effects

"Diamond is a 7 year old boxer who suffers from arthritis. She has been on pharmaceutical medications for years. We used Joint Relief and have achieved the same benefits for her with no side effects and no damage to her kidneys."

Leanne & Alan, owner of Diamond - Kempsey

Leaks No More Testimonials

Truly amazing – our dog was spayed and developed incontinence

"Truly amazed at how well this worked.  Within 3 days her leaking had reduced and within a week she was totally dry.  She had urinary incontinence for years after she was spayed.  We tried all sorts of medications but the side effects were unpleasant.   We are glad we found this product".

Jill Brand, owner of her Dalmation - Bairnsdale
We recommend Leaks No More to everyone

"Dandy is 13 and was becoming incontinent while he slept.  Leaks No More worked wonderfully and was easy to use and he was doing much better in just a few days.   Dandy is a Chinese Crested so needs a bit more care for his skin that others sometimes so we also use Skin and Coat for his skin allergies.    We recommend these products to everyone."

Mary Jolly, owner of Dandy - Dotham
Old age incontinence for Minky – 19 year old dog

"Minky has old age incontinence, he is 19 years old.   After 2 days he was dry and comfortable.  Great result for him.  We will prescribe Leaks No More for him for the rest of his life.  No side effects was a huge positive because of his older system, to help keep him healthy as long as possible".

New Pelts Animal Hospital - carers of Minky the Chihuahua
I tell everyone about HomeoPet Leaks

“My cat was neutered at 9 months old and was never the same.  She had incontinence problems from an early age that just did not improve.  We put her on Leaks No More at 3 years old and it has certainly helped.  If we forget or it is not given to her it certainly gets worse and is obvious.  We really like this product and use several for our lovely pets and tell everyone about HomeoPet”.

Rosanna, owner of Lucy - St Ives
Overjoyed, Leaks is a great product

“Chloe my 16 year old poodle was saved from a puppy farm and had had many litters.  She leaks all day and night.  I started her on Leaks No More, and oh my goodness! it stopped in 2 weeks.  She cannot take any harsh pharmaceuticals which further damage her health, so I am overjoyed.  No more clean ups and washing daily right now.  Great product.”

Christine, owner of Chloe - Potts Point
Thank you so much

“My 18 year old dog is sadly aging and has urinary incontinence.  All night dribbling, nappies and wet bedding for months.  Was a lot to cope with and uncomfortable for us both.  Now it has disappeared.  Dry nights and no incontinence.  Thank you so much.”

Sam, owner of Mei Mei, Vincentia

Skin And Coat Testimonials

Distressed dog had multiple skin allergies that are gone

"Pippa arrived at our Clinic in distress and with flea bite dermatitis and pruritis and a 5cm alopecia patch.   We started using Skin and Coat 3 times per day.  After 48 hours the itching and scratching became sporadic and then in 4 days she was not scratching at all.  Her owner is very happy to be able to use an effective solution that worked with no side effects."

Dr Andrew, Ulladulla Vets - for Pippa the Pomeranian
Long term itchy and hairless skin conditions cleared up in 2 weeks

"Our 6 year old cat had a long history of skin diseases.  She was itchy and hairless in some areas.  We tried Prednisone and other steroids for many years but it always came back.  We used Skin and Coat and the scabs and lesions lessened over 2 weeks.  When we stopped using the product they reappeared.  On starting to use it again they disappeared.  That told us the product was working.  We now have it under control."

S Murray, owner of Guiness, Mitchelton
I can’t do without this product. It’s a lifesaver.

“I can’t do without this product.  It is a life saver.  My schnauzer has terrible allergies, the kind that is distressing and keeps us awake or vigilant all day and night.  He licks and scratches himself red raw. After hundreds of dollars on other treatments, antibiotics and cortisone, topicals etc. I would not be without this product.  It works for him.”

Di, owner of Jax - Jervis Bay
Owners thrilled with Skin and Coat for allergic skin

“Madge a British Bulldog has severe skin allergies.  We recently used Skin and Coat and her owner is thrilled. And Madge stopped itching and scratching within days.  The customer is pleased to not be using heavy drugs to manage it long term”

Dr Bradley, Madge's Vet - Enoggera
Our customers are happier with a natural approach to skin allergies

“A cat I was treating with Prednisone for chronic flea bite dermatitis for years was brought in and her owner asked about a natural alternative.  We decided to use Skin and Coat, and within 5 days it was under control.  It worked the same, but the customer was much happier with a natural approach long term”. 

Dr Cole, Sydney Dogs and Cats Home
We are so pleased with her new treatment

"Our dog Shelly suffers from an anxiety condition called lick granuloma. We took her to the vet who advised tranquilisers and cortisone. We decided to use Anxiety drops together with Skin and Coat for her irritated skin.  After 7 days there was a vast improvement in her behaviour and sore. We are so pleased with her new treatment."

Dale, ownder of Shelly - Mt Druitt

Storm Stress Testimonials

This product helped my dog stay calm in a storm

"This product was easy to use, had behavioural advice that was very useful from vets on the package and worked well for my dog.  Keeping it handy for future storms."

A big shout out on Storm Stress

"A bit shout out to you.  Storm Stress is a winner."

Mark S, owner of a scared dog - Darwin
Thanks for helping with her during storms

"I use Storm Stress for Lolly my Staffy cross.  She is petrified during a storm.  When there are storms around we put it in her water, and if at home we put it straight into her mouth.  Great results to help her fear of storms."

Susan Aldridge, owner of Lolly - Port Hacking
How it began, the story of Monte in a storm

"I got my first dog Monte from the pound as a puppy. He was 8 months old.  After a few weeks a storm appeared, and this poor little guy started shaking, throwing himself at glass doors and ripping up the place trying to get out of the house and run.  I remembered that I had some Storm Stress from an overseas company and got it out, read the directions and gave the drops to Monte.  Within 15 minutes I had a calm dog while the storm raged around.  I went wow, what just happened, an almighty Wow.  I then started HomeoPet in Australia on the strength of the visible results and what happened during that storm".  

Peita Charman, owner of Monte - Jervis Bay
I give Storm Stress 5 stars

I saw this product and thought I would try it.  I must say I am very impressed.  My dog who is terrified during storms was much calmer and got through the storm very well.  I give you 5 stars.”

Susan, owner of Angus - South Perth
Our Staffy is calm during storms

“I have a 15 year old cross bred cattle dog. She is extremely afraid of loud noises and thunderstorms, crying, yelping, hurting herself. I recently used Storm Stress drops to try and counter this behaviour. I was delighted with the change in her, she now calmly lies down during thunderstorms! No sedation or side effects is a bonus."

David, owner of Max - Eastern Creek

Travel Anxiety Testimonials

Traveling with Jock stressed us all out

"As we live in the country we often travel for work and for family visits and take Jock with us.  From a puppy he was always afraid of being in the car which was a problem.  We tried Travel Anxiety and he settled down the first time we used it.  We use it for trips now, as at his age he may never get comfortable, but at least now he is calmer and less stressed out".

Allen Naughton, owner of Jock, Dubbo
Travel Anxiety is very useful

"I used Travel Anxiety when a store recommended it for my dog.  My dog is scared of getting in the car and paces and drools and won't settle down.  This is a bit hard when we go to the park, or to the groomer or vet.  I am suitably impressed with this product.  And there was no sedation which was useful for quick trips around town."

Jules K, owner of Memphis - Mt Isa
Suitably impressed with Travel Anxiety

"Millie hyperventilates and salivates when in the car.  She gets very anxious and drools everywhere.  I have been using Travel Anxiety and am suitably impressed.  She is definitely calmer and not panicking and pacing around.  Thank you."

Mrs Janice M, owner of Millie - Gordonvale
Fabulous! Used it for motion sickness and throwing up in the car

"Ruby throws up in the car and gets distressed during travel.  This is on both short and long trips which makes it stressful for all of our family when we take her out and about with us.  We started using Travel Anxiety one hour before travel and have a calm and relaxed girl each time.  Fabulous!"

Mrs Gray, owner of Ruby the Whippet - Maintland
Travel Anxiety works a treat

“We like to take our dogs to the beach.  One of our staffy’s loves going, but starts to throw up soon after getting in the car.  We used Travel Anxiety a few times before trips and he did not throw up.  We kept using it for the car trips and he stopped altogether.  We think it was because he got over his fear and learned to cope calmly in the car and it became a non-issue”.

Jemma, owner of Loopy - Sorrento
Bear is now happy and relaxed during car trips

“My gorgeous Bear was being left at home when we traveled for school, outings, to visit family or go anywhere.  Because he drooled and panted and paced all over the car and stressed out for hours in the car and whined.  We used Travel Anxiety and from the very first time he was still and relaxed.  We have to use it for each trip but he now travels with us and we are very happy ?.”

Vanessa, owner of Bear, Sanctuary Point

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