Anxiety & Behaviour

The #1 natural choice in Australia, each product in our range uses different ingredients specifically combined to address: general anxiety, travel anxiety and storm phobia. Each formula is rapid acting, non-drowsy with no side effects.
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General Health

Our pets can experience health issues at any stage of life. Choose from our range of liquid drops to help alleviate skin and coat conditions, joint and mobility issues, digestive upsets and incontinence.
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Senior Health

Our oldies deserve the best care to maintain their wellbeing in their twilight years. Choose from our range including joint and digestive formulas, and one of our best-selling products, Leaks No More.
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Featured Product

Leaks No More is the best-selling formula that is improving the lives of pets and their owners around the world by reducing urinary incontinence and its discomfort, along with the odours and cleaning that result.
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Our Awesome Customer Testimonials

Arthritis relief for our cat, we would recommend this product to anyone
"Miss Puss began to have difficulty on rising, trying to get up in the morning, general stiffness and lameness.  She was not very happy and was diagnosed with arthritis.  We started her on Joint Plus on a recommendation from a friend.  It was such a relief to find such a speedy solution to the problems, all three problems became less and we would recommend this product to anyone."
Jacqueline, owner of Miss Puss - Lutwych
Strained anterior Cruciate ligament improved 100%
"Our cat had some pain and swelling so we took her to the vet.  She was diagnosed with a strained anterior cruciate ligament.  She was usually very active so when she was a bit lame in the hind leg we knew she had done some damage.  I am delighted, she improved back to 100% rapidly and the vet said there was no pain or lameness after 4 days when we took her back for a check up".
Mrs Lyndall S, owner of the Cat - Lake Tabourie
Zipper the cat is happier and in less pain from arthritis
"Zipper was suffering from pain in her joints, lameness and arthritis.  We put it down to old age but when it increased and she seemed in pain we consulted with a Vet. The vet immediately offered us Joint Plus due to her age and not wanting any side effects that could harm her.  No other products were offered.   We finished the bottle and she seems fine.  We are happy, Zipper is happy.  Will be getting another bottle."
Peter H, owner of Zipper - Windsor
Little Bear is happier and finds it easier with his joints
"Our red healer x mastif was having trouble rising up, getting into the car or onto the couch.  He is 6 years old. After 4 days of treatment by the vet he appeared to have no trouble getting up or walking.  He is happier too.  We give him a maintenance dose every day now of Joint Plus".
Rob S, owner of Little Bear - Narrawallee
This product helped my dog stay calm in a storm
"This product was easy to use, had behavioural advice that was very useful from vets on the package and worked well for my dog.  Keeping it handy for future storms."
A big shout out on Storm Stress
"A bit shout out to you.  Storm Stress is a winner."
Mark S, owner of a scared dog - Darwin
Thanks for helping with her during storms
"I use Storm Stress for Lolly my Staffy cross.  She is petrified during a storm.  When there are storms around we put it in her water, and if at home we put it straight into her mouth.  Great results to help her fear of storms."
Susan Aldridge, owner of Lolly - Port Hacking
How it began, the story of Monte in a storm
"I got my first dog Monte from the pound as a puppy. He was 8 months old.  After a few weeks a storm appeared, and this poor little guy started shaking, throwing himself at glass doors and ripping up the place trying to get out of the house and run.  I remembered that I had some Storm Stress from an overseas company and got it out, read the directions and gave the drops to Monte.  Within 15 minutes I had a calm dog while the storm raged around.  I went wow, what just happened, an almighty Wow.  I then started HomeoPet in Australia on the strength of the visible results and what happened during that storm".  
Peita Charman, owner of Monte - Jervis Bay
Traveling with Jock stressed us all out
"As we live in the country we often travel for work and for family visits and take Jock with us.  From a puppy he was always afraid of being in the car which was a problem.  We tried Travel Anxiety and he settled down the first time we used it.  We use it for trips now, as at his age he may never get comfortable, but at least now he is calmer and less stressed out".
Allen Naughton, owner of Jock, Dubbo

About Us

HomeoPet is trusted by millions of vets and pet owners globally. Available online or from your favourite Vets and participating pet retailers.

What We Do

For more than two decades HomeoPet liquid drops have helped alleviate common health problems in pets all over the world.

Developed by Veterinarian Dr Tom Farrington MVB MRCVS VetMFHom, these unique formulas are made from the highest quality active ingredients. They are clearly labelled so that pet lovers can quickly choose the right solution for a health condition.

HomeoPet is trusted by millions of vets and pet owners globally. Available online, from your favourite Vets and participating pet retailers.

Why We Are The Best At What We Do

  • Easy to administer liquid drops, rapid acting formulas
  • No side effects and safe to use on their own, or in conjunction with pharmaceuticals
  • Small bottle, potent formula, one bottle lasts an average pet approximately 4 weeks
  • Designed by specialists with dual degrees in both conventional veterinary science and veterinary natural medicine
  • Proven effective in 78% of clinical trials *, and more than 4,000 Vet written case studies in Australia

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