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The #1 natural choice in Australia, each product in our range uses different ingredients specifically combined to address: general anxiety, travel anxiety and storm phobia. Each formula is rapid acting, non-drowsy with no side effects.

ANXIETY For general anxiety and behaviour issues, there’s Anxiety that covers a wide range of issues. Some of these are: separation anxiety, fear of visiting the vet or groomer, meeting new pets or people, rehoming or the effects felt by rescue pets.

TRAVEL ANXIETY For some pets even a short journey can result in drooling, vomiting, panting, restlessness and unwanted behaviours. The Travel Anxiety formulation addresses both the physical and psychological impacts of travelling for those dogs and cats who are adversely affected. The rapid-acting drops, given an hour before a journey commences, can reduce the stress for both pet and owner.

STORM STRESS Thunder, driving rain, the pressure felt before a storm, even fireworks and sudden loud noises can upset some pets extremely. Besides the physical signs such as drooling, panting and shaking, some pets may try to hide or escape, and unwanted behaviour can result in damaged property or injured pets. Storm Stress is fast-acting to promote a sense of calm in our pets when they need it quickly and effectively.

Our pets can experience health issues at any stage of life. Choose from our range of liquid drops to help alleviate skin and coat conditions, joint and mobility issues, digestive upsets and incontinence.

While these are rarely life threatening conditions, they can cause suffering and distress that may be helped with a simple dose of a formula designed to address both the immediate symptoms and the underlying effects.

SKIN & COAT For skin irritations and coats in poor condition, HomeoPet Skin & Coat has been designed to help alleviate scratching, licking, chewing and the resultant broken skin, or rough thickened skin and hair loss.

Our formula helps to boost your dog or cat’s natural abilities to heal that might need extra support when the body is under siege.

DIGESTIVE PLUS For digestive upsets, not uncommon in both cats and dogs, there is fast-acting Digestive Plus to help settle nausea and vomiting, diahhroea or constipation, bloating, flatulence, loss of appetite and other irritable bowel-like symptoms.

JOINT PLUS Sore joints and impaired mobility can be the result of an injury in younger pets, who could benefit from Joint Plus when their system has been compromised. Our formula promotes faster healing and can assist in restoring mobility and reducing pain. For more mature pets, the formula also addresses the underlying causes that can inhibit mobility and lead to more serious conditions.

LEAKS NO MORE Urinary incontinence is a common condition for neutered pets, older pets and those who have given birth. Our best-selling Leaks No More formula can help reduce the instances of leaking and discomfort and irritation of dampness around the rear end, bedding and environment. For the pet parent, it also reduces odours and the constant cleaning required for a pet with this condition.

Our oldies deserve the best care to maintain their wellbeing in their twilight years. Choose from our range including joint and digestive formulas, and one of our best-selling products that helps combat incontinence.

Older pets need extra support as they slow down and their systems become more fragile and sensitive. Along with plenty of water and appropriate exercise for their condition, HomeoPet’s formulations can provide a boost when it’s much needed.

JOINT PLUS One of the most common and obvious signs of ageing in our pets is their diminishing mobility, stiffness when they get up out of bed, difficulty jumping in the car or on the sofa, or negotiating stairs. Our Joint Plus liquid drops are recommended by vets to help counter these symptoms in our seniors, and even improve their mobility.

DIGESTIVE PLUS Appetite can change in older pets, and it becomes more important to ensure they are receiving the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy body weight, even when they may be showing a loss of appetite. Digestive Plus is designed to help normalise the digestive system when our pets experience non-specific digestive upsets. This formula can also be used when there is vomiting, retching or nausea, diarrhoea or constipation, bloating and flatulence.

LEAKS NO MORE While not uncommon in younger pets too, urinary incontinence is more prevalent among our senior dogs and cats. You may find their bedding is damp, their rear end is damp, or perhaps they aren’t quite making it to the litter box or the right spot in the garden. The presence of urine on the fur and skin can cause irritations, odours and discolouration. One of our best-sellers, Leaks No More is indispensable when minimising the impact of incontinence in your home.

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HomeoPet Anxiety has been formulated by veterinarians and has been clinically trialed worldwide to promote a sense of calm for your pet.
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Travel Anxiety

HomeoPet Travel Anxiety is formulated for dogs and cats who may experience car sickness, motion sickness or fear of travelling that may cause unwanted behaviour and unnecessary stress.
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Storm Stress

HomeoPet Storm Stress is designed for cats and dogs who experience fear of thunder, fireworks or loud noises.
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Joint Plus

HomeoPet Joint Plus is a natural plant based product designed to increase mobility and enhance the joint health of our pets.
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Digestive Plus

HomeoPet Digestive Plus is a clinically proven, fast active and rapid solution that is easily administered in liquid drops. It has been specifically formulated for both dog digestive problems and cat digestive problems.
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Skin & Coat

HomeoPet Skin & Coat is formulated for cats and dogs that have itchy conditions.
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Leaks No More

HomeoPet Leaks No More has been formulated by veterinarians specifically for cat and dog urinary incontinence.
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